In my own space

I believe every creative person needs their special place where they can seek inspiration.

Growing up, I spent many of my summers in the archipelago outside of Stockholm. Still to this day, I just like it here. Taking the boat out, you can find your own little island for the day and enjoy this rugged yet beautiful landscape, shaped by the surrounding sea. The not so always warm water, the shape of the rocks, and the pine trees growing in the middle of nowhere. It’s perfect.

Only an hour away, this is pretty much as far away from my city life as I can come. It’s pretty crazy how spoiled we Stockholmers are. Although it worries me to see how some people take this for granted, leaving trash behind and not caring for this lovely environment. At the same time, there’s a large community of people that are determined to keep the archipelago clean and healthy for future generations to come – and that warms my heart.

Flyfishing is about being in balance with nature. Making sure that you’re only fishing in waters where the ecosystem and the fish population are stable is crucial. For me, fishing is not at all a sport of catching the most, it’s a form of active meditation. And if you’re lucky to get something on the hook, you’ll have the pleasure of having a freshly caught fish to throw on the grill for dinner.

This place inspires me. In my occupation of constantly coming up with creative ideas, being out here for only a few hours does magic for the mind. It’s almost like a reboot of my brain. This is where the design process starts.