Marwida launches high end swimwear by turning ocean waste in to ocean wear

A new swimwear label plans to make a splash this summer with aquatic fashion, a sartorial fit and subtle marine life patterns using only upcycled materials, much of it saved from the Mediterranean Sea.

Marwida sets out to close the loop literally, and in style. Timeless design inspired by the golden era of the Amalfi coast, made to last, and quick to dry, Marwida is introducing Mediterranean marine moderns for the style conscious with a conscience. Inspired by Italian riviera style, the first line is launched November 15.

Having spent endless summers mostly by the Mediterranean Sea, we started thinking about how to combine our passion for the area’s style and design with saving our waters, says John.

Anders continues, with a new climate positive design process in mind we understood that marine litter actually can be our most valuable source. Quality wise, look and feel, as well as poetically. I mean, what product could be better than swim shorts? We’ll literally be diving in to the same waters our fabric comes from.

Marwida swimwear will be available on and soon at a limited number of discerning retailers. The swimwear will come in three different patterns, four versatile colours and in five sizes. Instead of traditional collections, favourites will stay on and new styles will be added organically to minimize production volumes, climate footprint and to create a long-term collection of favourites. Recommended retail price will be $169.

Campaign film: Marwida Amalfi moments

About Marwida

Marwida is the result of two Swedish creative’s love for the ocean, the Mediterranean lifestyle and design. Anders Carleö and John Magnér combine their experience, knowledge and passion to create high end, fashionable and sustainable swimwear inspired by, as well as sourced and produced in, the Mediterranean region, containing only upcycled materials, much of it saved from the Mediterranean Sea.

About the production process

Every year more than 12 million metric tons of plastic litter ends up in our oceans. Marwida’s swimwear only use engineered upcycled materials, whereof a good 40 percent is SEAQUAL® YARN, a polyester produced under license from The SEAQUAL Initiative who together with fishermen, NGOs and local communities are cleaning the Mediterranean of marine litter. The remaining yarn in a pair of Marwidas comes from land recycled post consumer plastic bottles. Marwida is produced in Portugal.