Our fine fabric is of the highest quality, long lasting, quick to dry. And made from only upcycled materials. To Marwida it’s only natural that our subtle luxurious swimwear for example comes from marine plastics, saved from the same waters you probably will be swimming in during sun season. By wearing a pair Marwidas you’ll be part of closing the loop, literally. 






Every year more than 12 million metric tons of plastic litter ends up in our oceans. Marwida’s response, and us giving back to the seas, is to only use engineered upcycled materials. Whereof a good 40 percent is SEAQUAL® YARN, a polyester produced under license from The SEAQUAL Initiative who together with fishermen, NGOs and local communities are cleaning the Mediterranean of marine litter. The remaining yarn in your pair of Marwidas comes from land recycled post consumer plastic bottles.

All to create subtle aquatic fashion for men with great appreciation for those bright days, and love for the deep blue.